Body balm 200 ml

A natural touch to deeply moisturise even the driest skin. Enriched with precious organic apricot and acai plant oils, it leaves skin soft and luminous. 

How to use

Apply the product on the body, then massage upwards in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

Apricot and Acai

A line formulated to nourish your body every day and keep it clean, moisturised and soothed, as it slows down ageing thanks to the antioxidant and silkening properties of the precious apricot and açaí palm oils.
This oil is ideal to nourish and elasticize skin due to its rich concentration of fatty acids, such as oleic and linoleic acids found in cold-pressed apricot oil. Moreover, the high content of vitamin C found in the Açaí palm oil acts synergically counteracting free radical damage and skin laxity.
Thanks to products with intense and fruity perfumes, creamy textures and nourishing oils that are quickly absorbed, this precious line keeps skin silky, moisturised and perfumed every day.