Makeup remover milk and tonic 200 ml

A cleansing tonic milk that naturally removes makeup, deeply cleansing mature skin whilst protecting its tone and elasticity thanks to precious natural extracts of argan and lotus flower.

How to use

Apply using finger tips or a cotton wool pad. If desired, rinse with warm water.

Argan and lotus flower

Argan organic oil and Lotus extract are the precious allied presented for this face line, prepared for demanding skins to counteract wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dehydration.
Argan oil, well-known for its antioxidant properties, regenerates skin in depth and protects it from external aggressions, and alleviates the signs of time.
The Lotus extract, rich in flavonoid and polyphenols found in the plant roots, stimulates cellular metabolism and skin natural defences to prevent laxity and cellular stress.
Rich but non-oily textures, delicate but enveloping perfumes characterize this daily anti-aging treatment for demanding skins that, day after day, will recover tone, moisture and firmness in a 100% natural manner.