LOVE for Nature meets passion for research and innovation. That is how AMAFLORA is born. A line of face and body care, natural and organic products, certified by Natrue, that get their benefits and effectiveness from the extraordinary properties of the most varied FLORA. Plants and flowers from organic farming are used in innovative, pleasant and skin compatible formulas that take care of your wellbeing and beauty every day.

Our commitment

Amaflora select natural and organic ingredients of high quality and pureness, test that their formulas are safe, and carefully assess how effective their products are to ensure your skin is nourished and healthy. This is how our love for Nature and our passion for research and innovation are realized and become an everyday commitment. This commitment is described on each Amaflora product through some simple symbols.
All Amaflora products are dermatologically tested in order to ensure maximum skin compatibility and tolerability. They are also tested to ensure they are nickel-free, with a threshold value below 0.1 ppm. The delicate fragrances that perfume and characterise all products are 100% natural.
Every formula is developed as naturally as possible, without:
  • Parabens
  • Silicones and mineral oils
  • Syntethic fragrances
These ingredients are not present in the raw materials or the finished products.
All Amaflora products are certified by Natrue, an international standard for organic and natural cosmetics. Natrue standards are not only strongly restrictive in relation to the ingredients used for formulas, but also they particularly focus on the environmental sustainability of methods and production sources used.
Amaflora products, bearing the Vegan logo, guarantee and respect the values of a vegan choice. No product and no ingredient is tested on animals.
Amaflora products are manufactured in a socially responsible manner in order to contribute to a sustainable economic and social development.

Made in italy

Amaflora products are developed and produced by Gala cosmetics, an Italian company specializing in natural and organic certified cosmetics since 2004. The company operates in Forlì realizing internally all the phases of the productive process: from research and development (this activity involves over 20% of the company staff), to production, packaging and quality control.